Watch Newsmakers with Congressman David Cicilline

April 15th, 2012 at 5:00 am by under Nesi's Notes

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5 Responses to “Watch Newsmakers with Congressman David Cicilline”

  1. Mr. fish says:

    Cicilline is so much better for Rhode Island than Doherty, who, let’s face it, is nothing more than a stand in for the Carcieri crowd who ruined Providence and the entire state.

    1. Common Sense RI says:

      Is your real last name “Walsh” by chance?

    2. a cut above the rest says:

      you were dropped on your head a lot as a child, huh?

      1. Ted Nesi says:

        Let’s keep it civil, folks. Thanks

  2. [...] opponent, sitting U.S. Congressman David Cicilline, has actually reached out to the press, inviting WPRI’s “Newsmakers” to enter his home to interview him. He also issues posts on this [...]