Watch: Fung, Zaccaria, Carcieri nominate Romney at the RNC

August 29th, 2012 at 3:03 pm by under Nesi's Notes, On the Main Site

The Rhode Island delegation to the Republican National Convention, led by Party Chairman Mark Zaccaria and Cranston Mayor Allan Fung, cast the state’s votes for Mitt Romney and Ron Paul on Tuesday in Tampa. Click the photo to watch their moment in the sun – including a Del’s reference – thanks to CSPAN:

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4 Responses to “Watch: Fung, Zaccaria, Carcieri nominate Romney at the RNC”

  1. Mr B says:

    Not a group I have any confidence in…..Costa, the tax man from Cranston..

  2. Belle Loney says:

    Interesting that you have a missing in action former governor leaving RI taxpayers with a $100 million dollar debt from his smoozing a deal with Curt Schilling in the 38 Studios debacle now having the time of his life at the RNC in Tampa Florida…he speaks up down there but here he says nothing and remains silent.And gets away with it, too……
    This egotistical and conceited Republican has the audacity to tell the press he will speak about 38 studios on his terms. Such arrogance…
    Very typical of Republicans…Carcieri, like his pompous pals Chris Christie, Bloomberg, Jeb Bush, .Rick Perry are extremely condescending…they think who the heck they are and that they can give orders. Carcieri’s words show this same trait. He says:
    Look at his words:

    “Not now.” “Not yet.”

    “soon” “when I come back”

    I guess in RI it is acceptable for Carcieri to be able to dictate the terms of when he will speak about his role in the 38 Studios scam . The people of RI deserve an explanation. I wonder with all of this time to come up with an explanation, will it be credible or will it be his last deceptive dialect to those he was supposed to serve?

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