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So many of you have been asking me questions about the Verizon iPhone, so here you go…hopefully your questions can be answered here!

When will the Verizon iPhone 4 be available?  If you are a Verizon customer you get first crack at it.  You can pre-order it starting Feb. 3rd, the rest of you can get it Feb. 10th.

What is the difference between the Verizon iPhone and At and t’s?   The major difference is the CDMA chips inside the Verizon iPhone that will allow it to run on the Verizon network.  It’s software is more advanced too: running iOS 4.2.5, while most current release for all other iPhones is iOS 4.2.1. One other big feature Verizon will offer that AT and T does not, it’s the ability to use the iPhone as a WiFi hot spot.  Verizon tells me up to 5 WiFi devices can connect to the iPhone’s Internet connection at the same time! 

How much will the Verizon iPhone Cost?  $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, both include a two year contract!

Will your AT and T iPhone work on Verizon’s network?  No. Unfortunately, the two are on separate frequencies so if you are an AT and T customer and want to make the switch, you have to buy the Verizon iPhone and go on Verizon’s network.


Zombie on the Loose!

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Have you ever seen those stories on TV about construction signs flashing “Zombies Ahead”.   I posted a picture of one on the left.  Some practical jokers are hacking into the signs and making funnies.  I laughed…it’s pretty funny.

Well, now there is truly a zombie on the loose in outerspace.  An ‘undead’ satellite threatens other satellites.  A solar flare fried the brain of the satellite, and it can’t communicate with ground control.   So, it is alive, but really dead.  The satellite, Galaxy 15, may crash into other satellites or steal signals from others.  SyFy channel viewers and those in Luxembourg may lose their programming.


Newton’s Apple Tree Heads into Orbit

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Sir Isaac Newton

My sixth grade science project was on gravity.  I remember it well.  I also remember learning a lot about Sir Isaac Newton during my research on the project.  At the time, I didn’t quite understand the impact his theories had on us…. in college, I gained a much bigger appreciation. 

You’ve probably heard the story about how Newton watched an apple fall from a tree and then began to wonder and wonder.  He wondered so much that he developed theories of gravity about how planets interact with each other …and why that apple fell to the ground instead of floating in the tree’s branches.   Newton’s Laws are still in use today. 

Well, historians have saved pieces of that very famous apple tree, and one piece of it will be flying into orbit this Friday aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis.   Astronaut Piers Sellers, who is from Great Britain, will have the honor of carrying the piece of wood into orbit.  It’s a neat tribute to a remarkable man.  I still can’t believe they have pieces of the apple tree!!! 

Here’s some more info about it….

Obama v Space

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Neil Armstrong and President Barack Obama

I promise not to get too political here, but it will be hard not to do that.  One of my biggest passions is space and space exploration.  I feel like I was born about 1 thousand years too early because I would love to explore the universe.  There will be interstellar travel by then right? Well, the path to that day just hit a speed bump.  President Barack Obama will be bringing dreams of manned space exploration back down to Earth in an announcement on Thursday April 15.  He will be addressing workers at the Kennedy Space Center as well as former and current astronauts.

As you probably already know, the Space Shuttle Program will be coming to an end this year.   Nine thousand jobs will be lost at the KSC.  Great timing, right?  Obama will be creating 2500  jobs with his new vision of robotic deep sea exploration.  That’s a bonus.  However, he plans to axe the Constellation program which is NASA’s latest way to get to the moon.   One of my heroes, Neil Armstrong, is very outspoken about the President’s decision saying our space program would become 3rd rate.  Who would know better than Neil Armstrong, former Apollo commanders James Lovell and Eugene Cernan? They disagree with the President, and so do I. 


Does anyone Kindle?

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When Kindle first came out, I thought it was a cool little gadget. I love to read and I blast through a lot of books. After sitting in front of a computer for 9 plus hours a day, my eyes are tired and reading is sometimes difficult in the evening. Yea, I am getting old.

Kindle DX

Kindle DX

I tried audio books, but it’s just not the same. So, I am thinking maybe this new Kindle is the way to go.


Busy, busy!

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Well, I have not written much in the past couple of weeks. I guess you could say I have been busy! We are in the middle of corporate site reviews and it is taking up most of my time. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this picture of my desk. Yes, I am a neat freak!

My nice clean desk!

My nice clean desk!

Mobile and iPhone Numbers!

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It wasn’t too long ago that our mobile web numbers meant nothing. The users numbered in the dozens and did not impact ournumbers for web visits or ad impressions at all. I am all about our numbers here at!

Things are different today!


Waiting for iPhone 3.0

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OK, so the 3.0 update for iPhone is scheduled for release TODAY. It is now after 9AM and no sign of the update! I got up at 5:30 this morning to get ready for work. The first thing I did was check for the update, but I was not surprised it was not there. But now I want my update!

Where is my update?!?!
Where is my update?!?!

Here is what 3.0 will do for you:


3G (S)…No Thanks.

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This from

AT&T has announced that the upgrade prices for iPhone 3G S will be $399 (16GB) or $499 (32GB) for customers who are still under contract after purchasing the prior-generation iPhone 3G, a $200 premium over the “standard” iPhone 3G S prices of $199 and $299. Using a pricing configurator found on Apple’s web site, users can find out their individual upgrade prices based on the remaining length of their AT&T contracts, which may be higher or lower depending on the date of their prior upgrades. Users must commit to a new two-year contract; an $18 Activation fee and a $18 Early Upgrade fee are also assessed. More details to come.


iPhone 3G (S)

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I just watched the guided tour. Yes, it is VERY cool. Although, the phone looks exactly the same, so at least I won’t have that coolness envy! The base 3G(S) is $199, and the 3G drops to $99. This from Apple:


Apple WWDC Keynote!

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The keynote address is going on right now. I thought I would give you all a look at some of the more notable parts of the speach having to do with iPhone. These notes are provided by

***As I type this, the new iPhones have not been announced yet. I will post a new article tomorrow detailing whatever comes out of the speach. Rumors are the new phones will be faster, with twice the RAM, and twice the storage. Oh…and a video camera, 3 mp lens…


Digital photography is awesome

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I have always loved photography. Years ago I had a Pentax SLR. I would shoot a roll of photos, then take the roll to a camera store and wait for the call saying my pictures were finished. Some were good, lots were OK, many were terrible. I had to pay for them even if they were out of focus and horrible.  I went through a few more portable, but traditional cameras until one day I decided to go digital.


Tweet, Tweet…

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OK, everybody loves Twitter. All I hear about is Twitter this, Tweet that..Ashton Kutcher this, Oprah that. Weird this Twitter trend!










WPRI iPhone app is coming. In the meantime…

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I was hoping to write about the new WPRI iPhone app today, but it still has not hit the App Store yet.

Instead, I am going to go over the apps that I use for news every day. Here is my first screen on my iPhone:


I use my iPhone to keep up with news no matter where I am. The news apps that I have were almost all free. I think I may have paid .99 for Feeds and maybe one other.

usa_today2First up- USA Today. I love this one. It looks great, and the McPaper style is perfectly suited for the iPhone. Short stories, great graphics.









1cast1This next one is called 1Cast. This is new, and I haven’t had a chance to play with it that much. What it does is aggregate news video from several sources- CNBC, REUTERS, BLOOMBERG, BBC, etc.  The video loads fast and looks terrific. It updates constantly and seems to be very up to date.








feeds2This one is simply called Feeds. All it does is provide RSS feeds that you input. There are a lot of different RSS Readers out there, but this one is very simple and does exactly what it is supposed to do.









ap_mobile_news1AP Mobile News is another app that I use constantly. The app provides stories from AP. They cover Top News, Local, Sports, Showbiz, and so much more. I use this a lot to make sure we have the latest wire copy and stories on WPRI.








weather_channel1I get most of my local weather info from the WPRI mobile site, but I also use this app from The Weather Channel quite a bit. It is quite accurate, and it allows you to add multiple locations. I can check the forecast for Keene, NH and Bradenton Beach in an instant!








sportstap1SportsTap claims to be “The Ultimate Mobile Sports Portal”. I do use it a lot for scores and schedules. Sometimes it doesn’t seem quite ultimate, however. This morning there is no Red Sox story in the MLB section.








cbs_eye1WPRI is a CBS station, so I downloaded this app called CBS EyeMobile. This is not what you might think it is. Basically this app allows iPhone users to upload photos directly to the application for others to see and comment on. There are several categories- Newsworthy, Human Interest, Politics, Weather, and Sports. Although not a standard network news app, it is pretty fun to see what people upload. Good time waster!







twitter1Lastly, here is TwitterFon. Of course this not really a news application, but it is handy to keep up with friends, broadcast tweets, etc. There are a ton of Twitter apps in the App Store, but this one just seemed to do everything I needed it to.








Hopefuly this week I will be able to add this to my news arsenal: icon

Mac vs. PC

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I was having a conversation with a certain Rhode Show personality the other day. We both have something in common- the adoration for the Apple iPhone. Our common opinions end there however. Seems he “HATES MACS- HATES THEM, HATES THEM, HATES THEM!”


OK, I know…I was wondering if maybe a Mac computer did something mean to him at some point in his young life, maybe he knows Steve Jobs and they HATE each other. Maybe an ex-girlfriend worked in the Apple Store. Something. So…we had the age-old Mac vs. PC discussion.

Rhode Show Guy: “They cost way more than PC’s!”  That is so true. But a Mercedes cost a lot more than a Chrysler.

Rhode Show Guy: “MARKETSHARE!”  Yep, companies do use PC’s. If they did not then there would be SO many IT professionals out of a job, or with not much to do at work.

Rhode Show Guy: “Yea Vista was terrible, but wait till you see Windows 7!!!”  Yep, Vista was a disaster. Win 7 HAS to be better, but the fact is, Windows has been trying for 30 years to be “as good as” the Mac OS.

OK, here at work I have 2 Dell Compters and 4 monitors. One Dell is maybe a year old, the other maybe pushing 3. They are outdated. Yep, a computer that is a year or 2 old can’t keep up anymore. It’s slow, Internet Explorer crashes and freezes frequently. I have to restart a LOT, etc. Now before you say “well, you must have a bunch of crap on there slowing it up”…I am not an admin on this computer. I can’t install anything. It has the same stuff as the day they set it up for me.

OK, so that’s my work situation. At home I have Mac G4 (I meant G5) tower. This Mac is maybe 6 years old or so. It runs perfectly. I never shut it off. It never crashes. AND I have a LOT of crap on it! Yes, it did cost more than the comparable Dell (or HP, Sony etc, etc), but it is QUALITY. If you buy a good “anything”, it is an investment, and when you invest in the best you will have a product that lasts and works the way it supposed to. Period.

And of course, OS X is the bomb. Windows is also the bomb- but in a blowing up and crashing type of way. Mac OS X simply works, and flawlessly. The Mac OS is built and optimized for use on Macintosh hardware. PC vendors try for that, but they can’t do it because no matter how much they put on top of Windows to make life easier, they still have to deal with its kernel. I know “wait for Windows 7!”…

Have you ever seen the suite of programs that come with a Mac these days? Safari, Mail, Address Book and iCal, Time Machine, iChat, Boot Camp (so you can run Windows better than on my Dell if you HAVE to), iPhoto, iMovie, Garage Band, iWeb, iDVD…

Never mind the fact that these programs work flawlessly with each other so you can make movies, author DVD’s, create music, listen to and manage music, chat, organize photos, etc., etc…they all come FREE with your Mac. Kind of kills that money argument if you add up what it would take to buy comparable Windows apps that would never work as easily and transparently as the apps that come with Leopard OS.

So, in conclusion…it seems that many people who fancy themselves as “techies” HATE, HATE, HATE the Macintosh. I think these people like to tinker with computers, constantly fight with them and fix the problems that arise. They like to install anti-virus software and still get infected (so they can tinker and fix even more). They like to “know” more than the casual computer user. They enjoy going into the DOS and typing cryptic codes that nobody else knows. They love spouting memory, processor and hard drive configurations. It’s just what they DO.

They hate Macs because they just work. Almost anyone can set one up and use one. You really don’t have to “learn” codes and configurations. You take the Mac out of the box, admire how cool it looks, plug it in, and use it. No fussing with IP addresses, anti-virus software, downloading software, etc, etc. No need to be a “techie”, no need to hire a “techie”, no fun at all for a “techie”!

So, Rhode Show Guy (and others like you)…save some money on that cheap PC (Dell, Sony, HP, Compaq). Buy a bunch of software extras so you can do the basic things you need to do (don’t forget that anti-virus update!) Have fun messing with it for a couple years until it is obsolete. Then go buy another one. And another one. And another one.

In the meantime I’ll hang with my old G5, my iPhone and my iPod. They will work. I won’t have to worry. And I’ll never have to call a techie to help me out!

Pre: iPhone killer?

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The new smartphone from Palm comes out June 6. Analysts are calling it  “Palm’s corporate savior”.  But will it beat the iPhone? Probably not…


The pre will cost you $199- but that is after a $100 mail-in rebate. I am not sure why they are doing this, but rebates (unless instant) are not well-received by consumers.  Also, Apple’s iPhone 3G and RIM’s Blackberry Storm already retail for $199 w/o mail in rebate.

Palm announced App Catalog (its version of an application store), a software development kit (the Mojo SDK) and an invitation-only Mojo early access program available for select developers. The question is-  how many Pre applications will be available at launch?

Pre will only be available on Sprint and that certainly isn’t the most popular network. It’s hard to imagine that anyone would actually switch over to Sprint just to get a Palm Pre. Palm isn’t Apple and doesn’t have its loyal following.

I do like that the Pre allows for multi-tasking apps.  You can toggle between applications without having to open and close windows. This is something Apple needs to implement. It is also pretty cool looking, and has a 3-megapixel camera.

Palm needs an iconic phone to compete with the likes of AT&T and the iPhone. I think they may have it in the Pre, but I don’t see it killing iPhone. Blackberry…maybe!

New mobile site!

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WPRI and FoxProvidence have a new WAP mobile site! If you use a cell phone, Blackberry, iPhone, etc. all you have to do is type in or You will automatically be directed to our mobile site!

Our new mobile site has much better graphics and story layout than our previous version. We will be tweaking and expanding the mobile site in the coming weeks- so make sure you bookmark the new site on your mobile device!

Speaking of mobile devices…stay tuned for our new iPhone app!

Smartphone users choose AT&T?

May 15th, 2009 at 11:49 am by under Technology

I just got an email from Kate MacKinnon at AT&T. Seems that they attracted more than twice as many smartphone users as their  nearest competitor. This was, of course due to the huge popularity of the iPhone. The U.S. had 5.3 million iPhone users in March!

Iphone on AT&T

Iphone on AT&T

“Since there is hard iPhone data here, it will likely make some noise today. Today’s AT&T press release and a Bloomberg article below for your reference.

Announced today, twice as many smartphone users have chosen AT&T over any other U.S. carrier. As of March, according to an independent report, the iPhone made up 41 percent of AT&T’s 11.8 million smart-phone subscriptions. And, among smartphones users, 46.9 percent belonged to AT&T – Verizon coming in at a distant second with 20 percent of the smartphone market. As you know, data revenue/growth – not voice calling – is the future of the wireless business, so this finding is significant.

If you would like to shoot b-roll at one of our local stores, feel free to call me….



TV on your iPhone?

May 14th, 2009 at 11:45 am by under Technology

Lots of people use Slingbox and Slingplayer these days. Blackberry users can watch TV right on their phones, for instance. The Slingplayer application for iPhone was rejected by Apple earlier, but now it is back- with some caveats.

Slingplayer Mobile App for iPhone is now in the App store- and it costs a whopping $30! Worse yet, it is limited to Wi-Fi only.

Slingplayer Mobile on iPhone

Slingplayer Mobile on iPhone


This is from (THE best website for all things iPhone and iPod):

“AT&T has released an unusual statement regarding the limitation and why it was put into place. In the statement, the exclusive U.S. iPhone carrier claims the program “would use large amounts of wireless network capacity” and “could create congestion and potentially prevent other customers from using the network.” It goes on to say that the company considers the iPhone and other smartphones to be personal computers, as “they have the same hardware and software attributes as PCs,” while pointing out that applications that redirect a TV signal to a PC are specifically prohibited under its terms of service. Finally, the company pointed out that it doesn’t restrict users from watching video on the web, and that they can get free Wi-Fi access at the company’s 20,000 U.S. hot spots. The statement is the first to suggest that Apple permits its network partners a veto power over certain application approvals. ”

So, once again, we have a new twist in the approval process for Apple’s App Store. I don’t know about you, but if I want to watch WPRI or FoxProvidence on my phone, it would be in a place where I can’t watch a real TV- not in my house (or for me…at work).

I am waiting for Hulu. Supposedly it WILL work over 3G…but then again, will Apple allow it to? It seems like it has the same “bandwidth” problems as Slingplayer. More to come, of course!

New Blog focusing on Technology

May 13th, 2009 at 2:16 pm by under Technology

Well, I have decided to jump into the WPRI blogosphere. I figure that since I bug enough of my fellow employees here at the station about blogging, I should really try to contribute myself.

So, here it is. Since I am the New Media Manager here, most of my focus will be on internet, emerging technology, websites, gadgets, etc. I am not really a full-fledged nerd, but I do keep up on all things Apple, cool websites, etc. I do have many other interests that may creep into my ramblings- such as sports, music, photography, gardening, travel, news…

I’d like to write a lot about our own websites here at WPRI and FoxProvidence. I would also love to get feedback on how we can make the sites better.

I will be doing a lot of stories about the iPhone and the App Store. The iPhone has become my main gadget and has nearly replaced my Mac that use at home.

I hope to update at least a few times a week :)